About Solnox


Solnox creates art that encourages imagination and inspires courage. We seek for our work to create an emotional connection with you, the viewer, that draws you in, pulls you away from the day-to-day, and causes you to reflect on the struggle in life for balance, peace, and progress. 

Paul Pederson's art inspired the creation of Solnox, which was born as a sister company to Indigo & Ink, a company that designs wall decals and murals for home decor. As Paul's art united with Indigo & Ink, it wasn't long before the styles were too mixed and a separation needed to take place. 

The idea for the style of Solnox comes from the words that make up its name. The Summer and Winter Solstices represent the extreme light and extreme dark while the Spring and Fall Equinoxes represent the balance between light and dark. Thus the name came from a combination of not only the light and the dark, but also the extreme and the balance shown in the Solstice and Equinox. It is a metaphor for the struggle between light and dark, and the struggle to find balance or harmony in life.

If you are seeking a custom piece that fits our style, please contact us.